Tuam Green candidate expresses sadness over Ringsend fire

Islammiyah Kadejo, Green Party candidate for Tuam LEA has expressed her profound sadness regarding the devastating fire that engulfed the former Shipwright pub in Ringsend. The fire occurred following an earlier anti-immigrant protests fuelled by claims that the building would be used to house asylum seekers.

The incident is not the first of such, where an accommodation earmarked to be repurposed into a shelter for asylum seekers and refugees fell victim to a destructive fire, leaving behind a scene of significant damage and dashed hopes.

A social justice advocate and community development activist, Islammiyah Kadejo conveyed a deep sense of sadness upon hearing about the fire incident.

“This building, intended to serve as a sanctuary for homeless families seeking refuge and support, suffered irreparable harm due to the blaze, causing a setback in efforts to provide essential accommodations to those in need.”

She emphasised the significance of such facilities in fostering a sense of security and stability for vulnerable families experiencing homelessness.

“The unfortunate turn of events has not only disrupted the progress toward aiding these families but has also dealt a blow to the collective efforts of the community to address homelessness with compassion and resolve.

Furthermore, Ms Kadejo highlighted the urgent need for increased security measures for buildings designated for asylum seekers and various community purposes, especially those targeted by false rumours and far-right protests. This, she said will safeguard them from potential threats and preserve their intended use for the betterment of the community.

Islammiyah Kadejo also urged the community to stand together in support of those affected by this tragic event. The candidate reiterated the importance of unity and solidarity in times of adversity, to foster a community where everyone is valued, respected and above all, feel safe, she concluded.


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