‘Beloved’ Salthill Prom in need of repairs and improvement, says Keane

With the current state of the promenade’s walkways raising concerns, city councillor, Peter Keane, has called upon Galway City Council to ensure that funds for new surfacing are allocated in the council’s forthcoming budget for 2024.

Describing the prom as a ‘source of immense pride’ for local communities, Cllr Keane says the repairing and upgrading of the current surface is necessary to protect the future of the landmark.

“The Salthill Promenade is not only a source of immense pride for our community but a vital part of our cultural and recreational identity. The current surface along the Promenade is in need of repair and improvement to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all who visit, and I believe it is our responsibility to invest in this iconic landmark for future generations to come.

“We will shortly be embarking on budgetary decision making for 2024 and I have made representations to the council executive that funds be allocated for this much needed project”, said Cllr Keane.

Significant landmark

The call for a new surface on the Salthill Promenade would align with Galway City Council’s outlined commitment to the preservation and enhancement of public realm spaces within the city, with the prom featuring heavily in the council’s drafted Development Plan for 2023 to 2029. The proposal from Cllr Keane ‘seeks to enhance the walking and cycling experience while maintaining the promenade’s unique character’.

“We have seen first-hand the wonderful surface and low-level lighting which has been provided in recent years from the Blackrock Diving Tower to Birdoo and we must now provide the investment required for continued enhancement of the remainder of the Promenade as a matter of urgency.”

The proposal is currently being reviewed by the City Council, but Cllr Keane is expecting a ‘positive decision’.


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