End of an era for Headford as iconic fashion store closes its doors

Mary Joyce

Mary Joyce

It is the end of an era in Galway retail this week with the announcement that one of the best known fashion stores in the county is to shut its doors.

Everybody who has ever passed through Headford will be familiar with Kevin Joyce Fashions, facing onto the Square, visible to all the thousands of cars which go through the village every day. It was the go-to shop in North Galway/South Mayo for outfits for events such as family occasions, and this generational support was continued for 45 years.

Customers came from all over to shop at Kevin Joyce Fashions and they spoke about how Mary Joyce was a pioneer in local retail, ahead of her times in opting to always support home-grown Irish design, therefore ensuring innovative local designers had a strong place in her range of fashions.

Sadly, Mary passed away in January, and this week, her children Elaine and Raymond Joyce have announced that the store is closing.

They told the Advertiser that it is with heavy hearts that they announce that Kevin Joyce Fashions in Headford is closing.

“This is the end of an era in our family and in some ways for Headford too.

“It follows the death of our beloved mother Mary in January of this year.

“The business opened on December 8, 1978, Mam and Dad (Kevin ) running it initially, then Mam on her own as Dad became increasingly unwell.

“His death in March 1980 meant our mother had to run a business as well as raising a family,” they said, adding that it was a tribute to her that she did this, and also saw the benefit in buying Irish-made clothes.

“Mam prided herself on buying Irish, supporting home-grown designers, businesses, and families. Our suppliers come from every county in Ireland, some for over 40 years. We thank them for their support.

“We have had many people work in the shop. We thank each of them unreservedly. First and foremost is Bridie Fahy. Mam often said Bridie was a true blue and she was right. We want to thank Bridie sincerely for the style, joy and happiness she brought into our home, the shop and to our customers every day she worked.

“It is not possible to have a business without customers and we have had many loyal customers over the past 45 years.

“Seeing customers come in for family events communion, confirmation, weddings, back to school, and funerals brought Mam close to many people in happy and sad times.

“We owe all our many customers a huge thanks for their company and their loyalty,” they concluded.

The memory of Mary and Kevin and family will live long in Headford business. We wish them all the best of luck for their efforts in providing a store that encouraged people to keep their business in their local town. A noble gesture.


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