Mandy Maher, MD of Catwalk Model Agency and The Platform by MM, an agency for influencers and content creators.

Current Car — Ms Maher's driving history started in her native Tipperary with a man. A man with a van. Her then boyfriend (now husband ) was the owner of a Toyota Corolla Van, which she learned to drive in. Mandy ditched the van but kept the man and progressed with a Kia Sportage, a Honda Accord and then BMWs.

Favourite Journey — Travelling the country organising fashion shows and photo shoots, with a lot of her work in the capital, Mandy admits she loves driving, loves her car, 'it's my getaway' M6 Galway to Dublin motorway is her favourite trip. 'It's so easy for work and gives me time to make my phone calls, handsfree of course'.

Soundtrack — If you happen to roll up alongside a BMW at a toll booth on the M6 and you hear Tina Turner booming from it, watch out. It could well be Mandy Maher. When Mandy puts the pedal to the floor she draws on her inner Tina, all the way.

Favourite Passenger — So you are thinking 'it's the man with the van', former boyfriend/now husband. Mandy dismisses the idea instantly 'sure I see enough of him at home' she laughs. Excitedly she says she would love to have James Corden as a passenger. Karaoke carpool all the way, Mandy, James and Steamy Windows, no doubt.

Dream Chauffeur — Her dream chauffeur needs to meet only one requirement for the job 'easy on the eye, from the back seat' Mandy gushes 'David Beckham' before adding "There's no one else really."

Lotto Win Car — With a blank cheque book the Catwalk MD says she would love a Range Rover Sport. Not too extravagant perhaps. Then Mandy recalls, how when staging a fashion show at Colm Quinn BMW she ended up falling in love with the German brand and bought one on the night of the show. She pauses for a moment and laughs 'If I won the lotto, I would probably go completely flash, I can see myself getting out of a Lamborghini'

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