Solve all your IT needs for just €15 a week

Galway-based IT support Company; Electronic Solutions has launched a recession busting way of keeping your office IT costs under control, and all for a fixed weekly fee — by offering their remote support service to all businesses for a flat fee of €15 per week

With this system an engineer can login to your computer remotely, dramatically reducing waiting times and cutting the cost of maintenance and repairs substantially. It also eliminates callout and hourly charges for any work which can be carried out remotely.

All that’s needed to avail of the service is a functioning broadband connection. There are no set up fees involved and the cost covers up to 5 computers, more can be added as needed.

The system uses 256bit encryption security protocols which provide the highest available security level in a remote control solution.

An added benefit of the system is the ability of your office administrator to be added to the system enabling you to also log into your office PC’s remotely from virtually anywhere.

Electronic Solutions owner Sean O’Byrne said its main aim is to provide a high quality, outsourced I support network for business owners while keeping their IT overheads transparent and to a minimum. “With this system a business owner knows how much support will cost on an ongoing basis without any surprises.

“Our current clients who have switched to this system have been delighted with the reduce costs and improved response times. I estimate about 75 per cent of day to day issues can be solved remotely and with the minimum of interruption to production,” he said.

Full details of their remote support system and to view their full range of services can be found at or call 083 3706223 for more information.


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