New technique to help women find their voice in workplace lauded by Galway senator

A new technique designed to give women a voice in the workplace has been successfully utilised by Galway Senator Pauline O’Reilly in the Oireachtas.

For many years, women have struggled to have a voice, particularly in the workplace where their male counterparts were being heard above them, promoted ahead of them, becoming more successful. Balancing roles between parenthood and career ambitions, many women struggle to feel heard, despite all the changes in recent years.

A new type of self-development programme designed by Galway woman Dr Caren Hession, entitled ‘Born To Rise’, is now helping women (and men ) across the country to find their voice with a breakthrough technique using music and song.

Dr Hession, a professional in music, creative arts, philosophy, neuroscience and neuro-linguistic who is unlocking the true potential of the hidden voice said, “I was one of those women who did not have a voice. I was afraid of my own potential. I was self-sabotaging by staying small and not using my inner or outward voice. Through singing I rediscovered who I was, I could tell my story through song and music. Unlocking the true potential of your voice is one of the most empowering, most fulfilling, and most transformational adventures on which you can embark.”

Well known Senator, Pauline O’Reilly recently attended Dr Hession’s sessions and said, “As a politician I use my voice every day to speak to people, do interviews and public addresses. It can be challenging as a woman in politics. There are many expectations about how you should sound and what you should say. People accuse you of sounding too aggressive or too passive. I wanted to develop beyond that and signed up for some singing lessons with Caren for my own enjoyment. It was something to do in my downtime. I have to say that I got so much more from it than I ever would have expected. I learnt the skills to improve my singing voice, but I also learnt how to control my voice when I speak, and to think about how to convey a vision through my voice and stay true to myself. I found through the singing lessons I have confidence in my voice and in what I had to say. I would recommend Caren to anyone wanting to explore finding their voice.”

Dr Hession will be helping others at her upcoming two-day Born To Rise self-development programme taking place in the Town Hall Theatre on Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29.

Speaking about the upcoming event and programme, Dr Hession said, “Our programme will take you on an emotional and inspirational journey to rediscover who you are within, ignite your true potential and give you the confidence, clarity and courage you need to live the life of magnitude that you desire. At the end of the two-day programme there will be a live music performance where participants will showcase their voice by singing to a full audience at the Town Hall Theatre. The option will be there to sing within a group or as a solo. It is amazing to see the growth after just two days.”

For anyone feeling lost, stuck, unheard, unmotivated, or desire something greater for your life overall, then join Dr. Caren for the exclusive two-day breakthrough training programme on January 28 and 29, where your true potential is seen, and your voice unleashed. A journey of music, magic, and transformation, from the inside out. To find out more and purchase tickets for this two-day programme visit


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