Astatine invests €1M in Oranmore solar project

Leading renewable heat and power specialist Astatine has announced a €1M investment project in a project at the CMLS Limited cold storage facility in Oranmore, involved the upgrading of the building’s roof to solar power, with an investment of €1M.

Astatine will manage and implement all aspects of the project from initial design, delivery, operation, and maintenance. It is expected that the project will more than half the cost of electricity for the local company, with carbon savings of 25%.

It will also create a stable price of power for the next 30 years, a welcome change from the current energy cost volatility in the Irish market and beyond.

Instead of relying on imported fossil fuels, the Astatine-funded project enables CMLS to use locally produced, sustainable electricity, in line with Astatine’s mission of accelerating the transition to renewable energy by identifying and implementing sustainable and financially beneficial solutions for business in Ireland. Astatine’s services include Solar PV and Heat Pump solutions, as well as a green heat pay as you go service, all tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Astatine, with their experienced management and engineering team, designs and builds solutions utilising its global supply chain of proven of leading technology providers. They have recently secured multi million debt funding from the European Investment Band to fund these projects, if it is required by clients. Astatine are active in renewable heat and power projects across a number of sectors such as the food, drinks, biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors working with clients such as Dairygold, Irish Distillers and Boston Scientific.

Speaking about the investment project, Tom Marren, Astatine Co-Founder and CEO said this investment is a prime example of our commitment and dedication to a greener Ireland, where renewable energy is both accessible and affordable for businesses.

“Cost can often be the biggest constraint for businesses who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and prioritise sustainability, and we are proud to offer them a solution to this challenge through our project funding.

“The transition to renewable energy is also a proven cost-effective measure to tackling fuel bills, meaning businesses like CMLS are not only making a change for the better in the present, but are safeguarding themselves long into the future,” he said.

CMLS Limited is one of Ireland’s fastest growing supply chain management companies, delivering services for businesses in the Retail, Food Service and Manufacturing sectors.


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