Rediscover relaxation and rejuvenation at Spirit One Spa at The Galmont Hotel

Spirit One Spa Manager, Ann McDonagh.

Spirit One Spa Manager, Ann McDonagh.

Award-winning Spirit One Spa, has been helping the residents of Galway to relax and unwind since opening in 2003. Offering a seven-day service, the spa provides a variety of treatments, from massages and facials, to targeted treatments and a luxurious thermal suite.

Ann McDonagh, Spirit One Spa's Manager, joined the team in 2006 and has been leading, and maintaining, the high standards ever since.

Her training at the Steiner Academy in London prepared Ann for a career at sea and on land and she went onto hone her skills aboard luxury cruise ships for a number of years before returning to dry land and bringing her rich legacy and strong set of values to this tranquil haven in the heart of the city.

Taking time out of a busy schedule, Ann sat down with the Advertiser to discuss what Spirit One Spa offers and how readers can make the most of their experience there.

What is the most popular treatment that people come in for?

I would say that the most popular choices are massage or body treatments. People want that feeling of relaxation and being pampered. Our most popular massage is the Lava Shells Relax Massage. It’s the ideal treatment for anyone feeling tense, as the heat from the lava shells will gently relax and smooth away knots. The whole massage goes on for an hour and 20 minutes which makes it feel really luxurious, like you’ve had some proper time out from your busy life, people love it.

What is the favourite spot in The Thermal Suite?

Definitely the heated loungers. Each lounger is heated to 37 degrees Celsius, essentially the same as our body temperature, so it immediately puts you into a relaxed and comfortable state. The curved, ergonomically-shaped bed puts your body into a gentle, natural position that deeply relaxes the muscles. It's so comfortable that it's not at all unusual for people to fall asleep while they lie there, which we take as the ultimate compliment.

What is the best-selling product in the spa?

We use the Elemis range throughout the spa and have done since day one. It's an incredibly popular product all over the world because it combines the luxurious nature of a skin wellness brand with a scientist’s commitment to results. Our best-selling product within the range is the Pro Collagen Marine Cream. According to Elemis, that product sells every 10 seconds and it’s easy to see why. It's a moisturiser that is hydrating and anti-aging and is just absolutely fabulous.

Tell us more about the team behind Spirit One Spa

There are currently 15 members in the team at Spirit One Spa, with experienced senior therapists who have been with us for 10 years and a dedicated spa reception team. Over the years, we have worked closely with Galway’s training colleges in order to implement a forward-thinking training programme that builds upon basic skills through improved techniques and knowledge. Therapists who join us can expect to develop and refine their professional skills under the guidance of our Assistant Manager and in house trainer Maria Hunt. Maria is amazing and we are very fortunate to have such an experienced team because, as a working mum, you really need to have a good team behind you or trying to balance things would just be impossible.

Who are the spa guests?

The variety and range of our spa treatments, alongside the flexibility of our opening times, means that the spa appeals to guests with varying needs. Hotel residents plan it into their stay as a treat or to help them get ready for an event they are attending. Whereas local city dwellers and workers love our express treatments which are perfect for those working around tight time frames who may only have their lunch hour to play with.

We frequently welcome day spa guests who travel from Connemara, Clifden, Maam, Spiddal, Furbo, and Mayo who will often take an afternoon off to enjoy the Thermal Suite while catching up with friends or just to enjoy some time out alone. It’s also the perfect escape for couples who just want some dedicated time and space to relax together.

What is your favourite day to go to the spa?

Sundays are a lovely day to come into the spa, and strangely is often a day that people forget about. It’s the perfect relaxed Sunday vibe with no-one having to rush off anywhere so you can just sit back, relax and let the hours roll by. Alternatively, if you can, it’s always nice to be able to break up your week with a midweek spa escape. Midweek Spa Packages are ideal for those able to take the time off as you tend to be able to get added value for a very reasonable price and also a little more space to yourself.

When is the best value?

Midweek is usually the best value at Spirit One Spa because that's when there is more flexibility for longer treatment times. Plus there’s just something extra luxurious about spoiling yourself midweek – especially during the busy festive season when things can become non-stop and quite overwhelming.

How long has the spa been open?

Spirit One Spa opened in 2003, so next year we will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary which we’re sure to have some special celebrations planned for! Those 20 years have brought us a huge amount of experience in knowing what works for our guests but we’re by no means stuck in the past, we’re constantly using our knowledge to update our offering and keep on top of the latest trends in treatments so that our guests get a great experience every single time that they visit us.

What do people say about Spirit One Spa

As with any great experience, if you enjoy something, you tell others about it and I’m proud to say that we get a lot of new guests coming to us as a result of lovely comments they’ve heard by word of mouth. We will get a phone call from someone who has heard a friend or neighbour talking about a treatment they enjoyed or our thermal suite and would like to book in for the same.

Hearing that people are telling others about their positive experiences here and encouraging them to book in for themselves is very rewarding for the whole team. We genuinely want everyone who walks through our doors to have the ideal experience for them so I often say to guests that if you find a therapist you like, just ask for that therapist again because it's important that we match people up to suit what they want out of their experience here.

What are the prices like? Is there something there for everyone?

We pride ourselves on the fact that there is something for everyone at Spirit One Spa. We have a Time Out spa package which is our introduction package for €75, that includes a 25-minute treatment and use of the Thermal Suite, swimming pool and outdoor hot tub. It's really good value.

There is great choice and range of offerings amongst our spa packages, I think there is something to suit everyone that enjoys visiting a spa. Guests can make full use of their time here and go to lunch in the hotel or make the most of the four-hour free city centre parking we offer with every spa treatment to get some errands or shopping done (especially in the run up to Christmas ).

What is the plan for Christmas?

With Christmas quickly approaching, there is always an increase of people purchasing Spirit One Spa gift vouchers. People like to give a spa experience to their nearest and dearest who deserve some pampering and relaxation in their lives. Self-care is a great gift to give as a lot of people may not purchase spa time for themselves, it seems like too much of an extravagance, so receiving an excuse to get pampered leaves them thrilled.

We have been working hard to offer various options and price points that suit every budget for this busy time. You can start with a basic Thermal Suite voucher and add a little extra on top or use a monetary voucher anywhere in the hotel.

We’re all about keeping things stress free so we’ve also worked to make purchasing a voucher super easy. For those who buy their vouchers online, our eGift Vouchers are convenient with instant delivery to your inbox – even on Christmas Eve! They are perfect for people who want to send a gift to someone they might not see over Christmas and the best thing is that you can't lose them, they’ll be there in your inbox until you’re ready to use them.

As the excitement of Christmas begins, why not experience all of the relaxation and rejuvenation offered at Spirit One Spa, or treat a loved one to a well-deserved rest. To get in touch with the spa, you can call 091 538 423. Further information on the treatment range and products at Spirit One Spa, can be found online at

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