Autumn can deliver changing driving conditions

Autumn months bring with them noticeable changes in both weather and people's driving habits.

These changes in weather, coupled with shorter days, can cause unexpected driving issues even for the most seasoned of road users. To help prepare for the change in weather. Kevin Burke Tyres provides five tips.

Check tyres: Checking tyre pressure and tread on a regular basis is very important. The change of the seasons (every three months ) is the perfect time to do it. Make sure tyres are inflated properly and the tread of tyres are above the minimum legal tyre tread of 1.6mm.

Test your lights: With the days getting shorter and darker, having properly functioning lights is essential. Now is the time to test front, rear, brake and fog lights to avoid being left in the dark. Ask a family member or friend to stand behind the car to check brake lights are working. Or test them by parking in front of a window and checking the reflection.

Slow down: Take care and slow down when driving on wet roads or roads covered in leaves. Roads covered in leaves can be more slippery, taking it longer to brake, and the leaves may make it hard to see any potholes.

Keep an eye out for children: Holidays are over and school is back, meaning there will be more children out walking or cycling to and from school.

Prepare for all types of weather: Autumn brings all types of weather - sunshine, rain and fog. Keep sunglasses handy for the glare from later sunrises and earlier sunsets. Make sure windscreen wipers are ready for autumn rains and lights should be working well for any fog.

Having a well-maintained car is important for all road users. Keeping up with regular car maintenance is vital to keep cars in the best condition ensuring all trips are safe.

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