Abuse of spaces sees end of free parking at Leisureland

The long enjoyed free parking at the Salthill facility is to come to an end.

Management at Leisureland in Salthill have announced that there will be a new paid parking system to be introduced in the upcoming weeks, following a growing trend of visitors and patrons being left unable to find space for their cars. Instead of the current free system, automatic barriers are to be installed.

The charges will be set at €2 per hour with a full day charge of €12. Speaking on the planned new system, Leisureland Manager, Ian Brennan that this was a necessary measure as “Gym members and families attending the swim academy or other activities on the site often struggle to access parking and have complained to the management team at Leisureland about this.”

This coupled with the current trend of car owners parking “illegally and inappropriately on the green areas within the site or in locations where parking is not allowed for safety reasons”, has left Leisureland with, “no choice,” said Mr Brennan.

“This excess parking can make it hazardous for people using the car park particularly at night, and makes it difficult for people with disabilities or families with children and buggies navigate around the car park,” he said.

Mr Brennan explained that the excessive parking in non approved zones has also been damaging the green areas on the site “which results in higher maintenance costs at the facility.”

All of these components have, he said, “left Leisureland with no choice but to install automatic barriers on the site and introduce paid parking for anyone on the site who are not regular customers of the facility. Installing and operating these barriers has led to increased operating costs for Leisureland and as a result parking charges have to be introduced on the site to cover these increased costs.”


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