New Renault concept showcases the future

New Renault Scenic Vision concept.

New Renault Scenic Vision concept.

Renault has revealed its Scenic Vision concept car, which it says “epitomises the brand’s vision for a greener, safer and more inclusive future”.

According to Renault, the Scenic Vision boasts an intelligent design and manufacture methods that the Renault Group and its brands will use to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and worldwide by 2050. Notably, this includes Renault aiming for an entirely electric range by 2030.

Renault says the Scenic Vision showcases the brand’s future all-electric family cars. Its length of 4.49 metres places it firmly in the C-segment. An extended wheelbase, low belt line, large wheels, side and wheel-arch protective strips, and a horizontally aligned bonnet offer all the advantages of a family car.

Its proportions are ideal for optimised interior space, Renault says. Inside, it features a “game controller” steering wheel, and a cockpit and seats that move back when entering the vehicle to give passengers and the driver maximum room in which to move around.

Renault claims 70 per cent of the Scenic Vision’s materials are recycled and 95 per cent are recyclable, adding that this contributes directly to resource preservation.

The concept car is powered by a “one-of-a-kind” hybrid – electric and hydrogen propulsion system. Renault also claims that once the network of hydrogen stations is large enough, it will be possible to drive up to 800km in the Scenic Vision, with the hydrogen tank able to be refilled in five minutes or less.


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