Proposal to reopen Derrybrien windfarm 'ridiculous'

Moves to reopen the ESB windfarm at Derrybrien are a "complete nonsense". according the South Galway Flood Relief Committee.

Chairperson David Murray says the group wants "elected representatives to focus on resolution of real issues around the ESB Windfarm at Derrybrien and to stop time-wasting on ridiculous proposals".

"In the past few weeks, several of our elected representatives, councillors, TDS and senators are calling for the halting of decommissioning and reopening of the ESB windfarm at Derrybrien imploring 'common sense' to prevail, but this in itself is complete nonsense," Murray says.

"They are asking to reverse a final planning decision made by on Bord Pleanála that has take 20 years to make. That decision has been made so we now need to focus and addresss some real issues on the mountain.“

He says the committee is still concerned with the increased risk of flooding due to the extensive drainage dug out during windfarm construction and landslide mitigation.

“The ESBs environmental impact assessment clearly states that windfarm works have increased run-off the mountain. Any best-practice windfarm development would have put in measures to mitigate this, but this is not what happened here and the developers just dug massive drains without any planning or mitigation. This still needs to be addressed.” said Murray.

The committee believes EU fines will continue until this is resolved.

"The EU fines have now reached €18,864,854 and increment by €15,000 per day.There are other factors that will need to be addressed such as resolution of the turbary rights and ensuring safe decommissioning and this is what we want our elected representatives to focus on to ensure a swift termination of the EU fines."


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