Leader Ryan opens local Green Party office

Eamon Ryan, leader of the Green Party officially opened the Galway Green Party office on Thursday. The new office is located in Woodquay just opposite McSwiggans pub and is shared by Senator Pauline O’Reilly with the Green’s two city councillors, Martina O’Connor and Niall Murphy, along with the Green Party county councillor Alastair McKinstry.

Party members gathered to welcome Minister Ryan. Indeed, this was, for some new members, their first chance to meet the party leader in person.

Addressing the gathering Mr Ryan gave an optimistic view of the challenges ahead. He emphasized how the Irish population are ready for the commitments that are required to tackle climate change. In spite of the disagreements on many climate change measures we all realise that at some point we are going to have to do the right thing for the climate and the country.

Senator O’Reilly said she is looking forward to using the new office.

“It is already being used for internal party meetings as well as for meeting constituents. A couple of years ago when the Green Party had no elected councillors, the idea of establishing an office in a busy central location in town would have seemed like a pipe dream. Now with three councillors and a senator the office represents a step up to a new level for the party.”

Cllr. Niall Murphy was delighted with the visit from Eamon Ryan.

“Members had a chance to meet Eamon Ryan in person — sometimes a politician operating far away in Dublin can be seen as an embodiment of a collection of policies and positions.

“But when you meet them you realise there is a person behind the job title. Two years of video calls allowed us to have meetings but not to really meet people. I am delighted we now have an office where we can gather in person again,” he said.

Anyone wishing to make an appointment to meet a Green Party representative at their new premises can find contact information for party representatives at http://www.galwaygreens.ie/


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