Take down your posters says Paschal Mooney

Fianna Fáil’s North West EU candidate Paschal Mooney has called on all European candidates to take down their posters in Galway city for the Volvo Ocean Race.

“Having canvassed in Galway this week, I have witnessed first-hand as tourists try to take photos without election posters in the background – and it is impossible,” he said. “I have committed to keeping my posters out of the city centre out of respect to local residents and the Volvo Ocean Race committee.”

While he said posters play an important part in name recognition, the Volvo Ocean Race is playing an even greater role in promoting Galway around the world.

“I am still able to get my message across on the outskirts of the city and I am calling on all other European candidates to do the same,” he said. “The festival lasts for another week and there is still time to make an impact in the best interests of Galway


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