Noel Treacy had boundless energy and good humour for public life, says Ó Cuív in tribute

Noel was a person of boundless energy and good humour who worked tirelessly for the people of East Galway, County Galway and the Country throughout a long career in politics. He was totally rooted in his community and was a lifelong member of the GAA as well as being a stalwart of the Fianna Fáil party.

He really liked people and made it his business to be among the people as much as possible serving them in every way he could. His memory for faces, names and places was phenomenal and the long unbroken service of nearly 30 years in Dáil Éireann is testament to the fact that the people loved Noel as well. As a politician he was an incredibly hard worker, working late at night after most other TDs had gone home, to serve the country and his constituents.

His electoral record stands for itself having been elected in 1982 (by-election ), ‘82 General Election, ‘87 General Election,’ 89 General Election, ‘92 General Election, ‘97 General Election, 2002 General Election and the 2007 General Election without fail. Having served nearly 30 years as a TD he retired in 2011 from politics. He also served up on Galway County Council until his appointment as Minister for State. He also served as a Minister for State in many Departments bringing his unique energy and verve to each position.

Noel was a fluent Irish speaker and was always willing to use the Irish with those who would converse with him through Irish.

When he retired, although he was ill, Noel once again threw himself into the GAA which had always been a huge part of his life, becoming the Chairman of the County Board a position he excelled in and to which he brought great enthusiasm and verve.

Despite the massive challenges he faced in more recent years with his health, Noel, with great character, always kept the best side out and put a brave and bright face forward. When I met him and asked him how he was doing he would characteristically reply “tá mé ag stracadh” and leave it at that. I always got the impression that he would fight his illness with great character until the end and continue on as best he could for as long as he could. In doing this he showed great courage against the odds and made a great contribution to life in Galway during this period.

He remained interested in politics to the end and was a great mentor of up-and-coming politicians locally and nationally sharing of his wisdom and knowledge in a very generous manner.

A great family man he will be sadly missed by Mary and the family who so willingly shared him with so many other people during his time in politics and enthusiastically supported him in his work

My sincere sympathies go out to Mary and the family at this sad time.

Fear uasal, calma, cróga a b’ea Noel Treacy a chaith a shaol ag obair a son na tíre, a chontae agus a phobal. Ní dhéanfar dearmad air. Ar dheis lámh Dé go raibh sé


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