GAAW condemns Assange extradition to US

‘A dark day for openness and accountability in high places,' says Galway peace group

Julian Assange.

Julian Assange.

The decision by the British High Court to allow for journalist and publisher Julian Assange to be extradited to the USA is “perverse” and a “miscarriage of justice”.

This is the view of the Galway Alliance Against War which said the decision to extradite was “not based on law”, but on the “political necessity to silence permanently a journalist, who has fearlessly revealed the truth about the barbarous 21st century wars waged by the US and its western allies”.

GAAW spokesperson, Niall Farrell, contrasted the political and media attitudes to Tony Blair and Julian Assange.

Julian Assange pictured in the Columbian Embassy.

“Blair, who concocted a lie to wage an illegal war in Iraq, continues to prowl freely the international stage, while Assange is to be buried alive in a hell-hole in the USA.” said Mr Farrell. “Blair’s opinions are eagerly received in Western capitals and recorded unchallenged by the mainstream media.

“The latter has virtually ignored both the persecution of Assange and the implications of his extradition for journalists worldwide, who seek to uncover the criminal actions of the most powerful.

These are dark days for openness and accountability in high places, but even darker for Assange, his family, and WikiLeaks.”


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