The benefits of Hyperbaric oxygenation

Concussion guidelines need to change, according to Brian Lynch, a Galway based solicitor with first-hand experience who is promoting the benefits of hyperbaric oxygenation.

He used 57 sessions in Dublin following surgery and became an avid supporter. He is also a solicitor practicing law, and a stakeholder of OxyGeneration, a company providing non-emergency hyperbaric oxygenation.

He says concussion is problematic in informed consent law, and that some conflicted neurologists have not told their patients about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygenation.

The Netflix movie Concussion, was based on conflicts of interest between neurologists. Dr Omalu, a forensic pathologist linked NFL players' concussions injury to brain disorders and mood behavioural problems in later life. Millions in compensation was paid to former players because of that link. The problem now is informed consent and information about the known benefits of hyperbaric oxygenation.

In international rugby, Alix Popham (40 ) was diagnosed with dementia caused by concussion.

He said: "I’m using hyperbaric oxygenation.” This is using oxygenation under pressure to reverse cellular hypoxia (shortage of oxygen ).

Search on YouTube for: “NFL Super Bowl player Joe Namath concussion injury hyperbaric oxygenation for dementia” to see a series of interviews. Google: Dr Efrati - hyperbaric and concussion – dementia tissue injury to see the science.

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