'Greening the laneways' receives positive reaction at city council meeting

A number of councillors at Monday's meeting of the Galway City Council, have praised the 'greening the laneways' initiative.

Galway City Council wants to partner with local residents and young people in local areas to ‘green’ city laneways and transform them into vibrant, playful and nature-friendly spaces for all of the community to enjoy. The premise of the project is for local residents and young people to plant flowers, shrubs and an ‘edible landscape’ with the help of Galway City Council Parks staff.

Cllr John Connolly says it is "a project with a lot of potential and a positive development".

Local residents will then take over the maintenance of the planting in the future. Local residents and young people will also be involved in painting vibrant, nature-based murals along the laneways with the help of professional artists.

The work carried out at the Rocky Road in Westside was showcased last month, and Cllr Eddie Hoare says it "brought the community to life and should be rolled out elsewhere".

Cllr Mike Cubbard added: "Greening the laneways - the life it has brought back, it is an initiative we have to look at across the city, it is a hugely positive initiative."


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