Galwegian goodwill hailed by Liam Neeson

Galwegians have donated more than 80,000 Covid-19 vaccines to some of the world’s least developed countries, and their efforts are being praised by UNICEF ambassador Liam Neeson.

The well-known actor, who will appear on The Late Late Show tomorrow, says a big thank you Ireland's people and companies in helping NICEF to deliver two million life-saving vaccine doses to healthcare workers and vulnerable people in the world.

Neeson has been inspired by the support Irish people have shown for others around the world.

“I am so proud to announce the Irish public has now donated more than two million Covid-19 vaccine dose deliveries. It is incredible. The pandemic has shown us that we are all in this together. And the generous response to UNICEF’s Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine campaign in Ireland has been so inspiring to witness and be part of.

So far, the campaign has raised some €5 million from individuals and companies in Ireland and according to Neeson, it provides everyone with an opportunity to help end the pandemic.

“I think we are all so grateful for our vaccines and for life slowly returning to normal. When you think that just €25 can help UNICEF deliver enough vaccines for five of the world’s most vulnerable people. It is an amazing gift to give. It shows that we can all play our part in ending the pandemic. Already UNICEF has delivered over 300 million vaccine doses to over 140 countries.”

A donation to UNICEF,, means vaccines get to the most remote and isolated places in the world.


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