Ballymoneen Road must be widened now, demands Lyons

The Ballymoneen Road is no wider that 12 feet in some places meaning two vehicles are barely able to pass each other while pedestrians risk their lives because there are no footpaths.

This is the view of Independent Galway City West councillor Donal Lyons. He said residents are concerned that the Ballymoneen and Clybaun roads are too narrow, have no footpaths, and little public lighting.

Cllr Lyons also wants to know why planning permission is still being granted for additional housing estates when “the infrastructure in the area is so poor and is not able to meet the needs of the existing population”.

The Knocknacarra based councillor has raised this issue at meetings of the Galway City Council but said that while council officials are sympathetic, they were “not in a position to fund any improvement works at this time”.

Cllr Lyons said: “I am seriously concerned that if the problem is not addressed there could be future injuries and fatalities on the roads in question. These roads have to be considered dangerous and unsafe and I am again asking the council to provide funding so that the roads can be upgraded.”

He also said no further planning permissions should be granted on the Ballymoneen and Clybaun roads until the roads are widened and public lighting and footpaths are installed.


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