SALT Float and Recovery Suites - Galway’s experts in corporate wellness

Corporate wellness programmes are a hot topic in the workplace. With increased levels of job stress and burnout reported, companies are prioritising wellness to safeguard employees and ensure employee retention.

Whether you are trying to get employees back to the office or show appreciation for your team’s efforts, SALT Float & Recovery Suites can help. A unique offering situated directly off the M6 in Briarhill Business Park and open seven days a week, SALT is conveniently located in the centre of Galway’s biggest commercial hub.

SALT marries natural and ancient traditions to create Galway’s first modern health spa, providing scientific, evidence-based, therapies to help your employees maintain a healthy body and mind this autumn.

With flotation therapy, Finnish sauna therapy, whole body compression therapy massage, and more being added, SALT is a one-stop location to relax, unplug, and reset.

Float therapy or ‘floating’ allows your body to naturally and gently rest and repair. Every muscle in your body can relax during the treatment, providing the ultimate relaxation. Reduced back pain and muscle and joint soreness, improved sleep quality, and pregnancy support are a few of the benefits of regular ‘floating’.

Offering the only float pods in Ireland to empty/fill in front of you, SALT takes great pride in its approach to holistic wellness with its high standards for hygiene, which is a concern for us all now.

Corporate wellness programmes are very much a win-win for the company and the employee.

Employee wellbeing

Provide your employees with an opportunity to switch off and reset from work and life. Employees report greater job satisfaction, productivity, and general wellbeing in companies that promote and integrate wellness programmes (HBR, 2020 ).

Boost productivity

Employee productivity and job satisfaction are directly related. Over the last year, with the majority of corporate work being conducted from home, working hours extended well beyond normal office hours. The need to disconnect from work was even recognised by the law with new legislation introduced in 2020 regarding the right to switch off from work.

Offering employees a proven way to disconnect from work and life is guaranteed to boost productivity.

Fewer sick days and increased staff retention

Content employees are known to have a much lower percentage of sick days. This is a costly HR problem and a noted pain point across all industries. SALT offers a menu of therapies that are directly related to improving overall health and immunity.

Write-off the expense

There are a number of health insurance and tax rebates available to companies which enrol employees in wellness programmes such as those provided by SALT. Email the company for more information and see how this could work for you.

Time alone is just what the mind needs – calmness and peace. Think of it as a system reboot – sometimes we humans need a reset too.

Offering tailored corporate and business packages, the team at SALT are confident they can create a customised solution for your employees’ health and wellbeing.

With options including therapy bundles and recurring monthly memberships, there is something for all budgets.

Be a part of Galway’s first modern health spa for corporate wellness and help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees. If you are a business owner or would like to nominate your business to become a member of the SALT corporate wellbeing champions group, email [email protected] or scan the QR code now.


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