Galway found to be second best place to work from home

Galway ranks ahead of Cork, Limerick, Dublin, and Waterford in the Remote Working Index 2021

Galway has been found to be the second best place to work from home in the Republic of Ireland, according to a study by

The rise of remote working, ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic, and soon to be made a legal feature of Irish working life, with incoming Government legislation, has seen employees keen to explore, and secure, working from home options as the pandemic begins to end.

The remote working index looks at towns and cities across Ireland to find the best and worst places to work from home, considering such factors as average property prices, access to 5G broadband, local crime rates, the number of local restaurants, GP access, food delivery services, and schools.

Galway was ranked second in the Remote Working Index 2021, behind Sligo. It achieved this position on the basis of “fast 5G, excellent food delivery options and a low crime rate in comparison to the number of people who live there”.

By contrast Cork was ranked 10th, Limerick 15th, Dublin 19th, and Waterford 21st, out of a total of 50 cities and towns in the State.


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