‘Sorry Than Safe’ - Loughrea’s EVØKE release new single

Drawing on Nina Simone and Matt Maeson, band release possibly most ambitious single to date



‘SORRY THAN Safe’, the new single from Loughrea indie-pop/trad fusion trad band, EVØKE, represents possibly their boldest statement to date.

The song’s title, a play on the old saying ‘Better safe than sorry’, reflects the quartet’s attitude to mixing genres and experimenting with their sound. ‘Sorry Than Safe’ draws inspiration from American singer Matt Maeson; soul and jazz legend Nina Simone, particularly her classic, ‘Feeling Good’; while also throwing in some Irish influences via the banjo.

Describing the song, the band - Keagan Forde (lead guitar/vocals ), Evan Forde (drums/backing vocals ), Michael Glynn (bass guitar ), Dylan Crean (banjo/backing vocals ) said:

“It takes all we have learned from our debut EP, especially in terms of musical arrangement, to create something completely new yet strangely familiar with the band’s sound. ‘Sorry Than Safe’ tells the story of someone caught between a rock and a hard place. The song reflects their inner turmoil, as they know something is bad for them but ultimately give in and go along with it anyway.”

EVØKE released their debut EP in the summer of 2020 and in concert have supported Ryan Sheridan and Mundy.


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