Employers must facilitate workers who have vaccine appointment, says McNelis

Former Mayor has written to main business groups in Galway asking that allow staff time off to get vaccinated

When a worker has an appointment to get their Covid vaccine, their employer must be accommodating, and allow them the time to attend that appointment.

This is the view of Labour Galway City West councillor, Niall McNelis [pictured below], who was reacting to reports that certain shops of a large retailer were not facilitating workers’ vaccine appointments.

He said it was incumbent on employers to support workers getting vaccinated, as being vaccinated was essential to protect fellow employees, customers, and “society at large”. The former mayor has written to the main business groups in Galway City asking for their support.

“Any worker who wants to take the vaccine must be facilitated to do so for the safety of businesses and communities,” he said. “There is a need for all businesses to accommodate their staff.

“From a practical point of view, failure to provide paid time off may lead to a situation where employees may be forced to push out their vaccination date, leaving workers waiting longer for protection against the virus.”

Cllr McNelis also said that in those instances where a worker happens to suffer an adverse reaction after getting the vaccine, their employer must ensure that worker is looked after during this time. “Taking the vaccine is important,” he said, “not only to the individual in question, but also the business they work for.”


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