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Aran Islands RNLI in early hours evacuation call out

Volunteers from Aran Islands RNLI had a call out in the early hours of Monday to medically evacuate three people involved in an accident, from Inis Mór.

The crew were requested to launch their all-weather Severn class lifeboat by the Irish Coast Guard at 3.50am. The Inis Mór Fire Service was also tasked.

Three casualties were transferred aboard the lifeboat at the pontoon at Kilronan Harbour. The transfer between the crew of the Inis Mór Fire Service and the lifeboat crew proved challenging due to poor weather conditions at the time with very heavy rain and a strong wind blowing.

Once the casualties were safely onboard, the lifeboat under Coxswain John O’Donnell and a full crew, proceeded in sea conditions that were described as choppy with a south westerly Force 6 wind blowing. There was a 2.5m sea swell and poor visibility due to the heavy rain.

Once at Rossaveal Harbour, the casualties were transferred by the lifeboat crew to the waiting ambulances.

Speaking after the call out, Aran Islands RNLI Coxswain John O’Donnell said it was a challenging call out for all involved this morning.

“The darkness of night and the poor weather conditions made the transfer difficult but we are trained for situations like this and were glad to be able to help and we wish the casualties a speedy recovery.

‘Despite the early hours and the poor weather conditions, our volunteers answered their pagers this morning without hesitation or delay and I would like to commend them for that as well as thank our colleagues in the other emergency services with whom we worked with to bring the three people to safety.” he said

JCI Galway to host online event on Working from Home

JCI Galway (Junior Chamber International ) is hosting an online event, “work from home - tricks and tools”, next Friday, June 4, 2021 at 7pm Irish time.

During these pandemic times, most of us have been constrained to work from home. When it becomes the new normal, how can we cope with it and make work efficient and lockdown enjoyable?

To encourage people to have an improved work-life balance in any circumstance and promote public mental wellbeing, JCI Galway has invited three experts from different backgrounds to share their knowledge and insights about work from home:

Aditya Naman Sharma, a Lean Practitioner, will present “Work from Home the Lean Way”

Charles Eder, a personal coach, will explain how we can manage one’s sleep and health.

3 ) Winny Cheung, a former Kindergarten teacher, will share her tips on how working parents “Manage kids while you work from home”.

The webinar will be hosted in zoom and the registration fee is only €6 (full price €10 ). This supports JCI Galway in its endeavour to make a difference in the community. Additionally, fantastic coaching discounts will be provided by speakers exclusively to attendees.

Exclusive discounts provided by speakers Please register by the following link:

JCI is a global network for young professionals and entrepreneurs in their 20’s and 30’s. Anyone in the west of Ireland who would like to join, contact JCI Galway

Follow JCI Galway on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.


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