Irish Water to begin repair work on Long Walk wastewater infrastructure

Foul sewage from the eastside of the city and Oranmore, flows through this structure on Long Walk

Essential repair works on a malfunctioning wastewater holding chamber at the Long Walk, which has been causing raw effluent to enter the Corrib estuary, will be carried out in May.

The works will be carried out by Irish Water, and will include fitting of a new tide flex valve; raising the weir walls of the chamber; installation of a level sensor/event monitor, which will provide Irish water with information when such instances might occur in the future. The work should be concluded in September.

The issue was the subject of a complaint to the Galway City Council more than a year ago. It was also noted by Irish Water that the overflow was discharging more frequently than expected, and that it would continue to do so unless remediation work was carried out.

'Clarity on the issue'

The matter was a pressing one as all foul sewage from the eastside of the city, including Oranmore, flows through this structure on Long Walk

The news has been welcomed by Fianna Fáil Galway City West councillor, John Connolly, who has campaigned for the works to be carried out.

“I attended a meeting with Irish Water officials, who advised that the survey work on the chamber had been completed,” he said, “and that there was now clarity on the issues that required attention.”


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