Irish St. Patrick’s Day Celebration was a Bit Different this Time

For the second consecutive year, Ireland did not hold its usual St. Patrick’s Day

celebrations. This means hundreds of events and parades had to be cancelled. This

precaution was part of the Level 5 restriction that the Irish government initiated to try to

curb the spike in the pandemic cases back in January.

Due to the popularity of the feast for the famous Irish martyr, these unfortunate

cancellations didn’t just happen in Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations being a global

event for a good while now, over fifty countries including Dubai, the United States, and

Australia was looking forward to turning emerald on the 17th of March. But because of

the pandemic, the majority of the countries had to rethink their plans.

Instead of holding physical gatherings, various organizers held virtual events so that

people were still able to participate in the safety of their homes and revive the holiday’s

traditions. Hundreds of musicians, creators, artists, and members of community

organizations are working together to prepare shows that were aired on the St. Patrick’s

Festival channel. A virtual parade was also presented by the organizers, in cooperation

with RTE, the Irish national broadcaster. Despite the more sombre tone of the

celebration, the broadcast was seen by more than 80 million people all over the world.

However, the virtual celebration was not the same. It does not come with the same

energy and joy that people experience in a typical St. Patrick’s Day celebration. This did

not just impact the spirit of the Irish people; it dealt a devastating blow to the country’s


Still reeling from the revenue loss of last year’s cancellation of events, the hospitality

and tourism industry of Ireland projected another €73 million loss this year. This blow

could mean the end for countless pubs and hotels all over the island. According to the

organizers of the five-day festival, Dublin alone likely lost about €50 million. These

businesses largely rely on the money brought in by over a hundred thousand overseas

guests, and without the income provided by this festival, those businesses suffered.

Some pubs that had to close due to the restrictions will most likely shut their doors

permanently. This is worrisome for the leaders of the trade, as they have already

witnessed the closure of around 7,000 establishments all over Ireland. Economists are

predicting massive layoffs, especially in the hotel and restaurant industry.

This loss extends to other countries as well. Boston’s Mayor, Marty Walsh, also had to

cancel the festivities that were planned for this year. The local government’s decision to

cancel the events as part of the desperate effort to halt the spread of the virus in the

city. Seattle and Los Angeles have also cancelled the parades that were scheduled

during that weekend.

How the events are normally celebrated around the world, according to Betway Casino:


The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest income-generating events of

the year. Americans were expected to spend over $6 billion during that weekend alone.

The pandemic has already put a strain on the revenues of bars and hotels. Many of the

business owners were hoping that their earnings from the festival would help them get

out of the hole. They are all still very hopeful. In fact, despite the pandemic, thousands

of revellers from New Jersey still attended the pre-festival bar crawl organized by

different businesses in the area.

And with the roll-out of the vaccination programs worldwide, everyone is hopeful that

next year’s celebrations will finally push through.


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