Affordable Live-in Homecare allowed my mother to be cared for at home

In 2013, Tom Quinlan was working as a primary school teacher. His mother Ann, had been struggling with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ) for many years. In September 2013 Ann’s condition deteriorated to such an extent that she ended up in intensive care in hospital. After several weeks of excellent care and attention, she was well enough to be discharged. The discharge coordinator gave Tom’s family a choice: a nursing home or a private visiting care service.

Because Tom’s parents had only recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at that time, parting them wasn’t an option. Therefore the nursing home option was ruled out very quickly. Tom then started to explore the private visiting care service option but he found it to be very expensive.

Tom asked his Polish friend, Kasia if she knew anyone who would come over to Ireland and live with his family and help take care of his mother. Kasia found a lovely lady called Lena who came over in October 2013 and Lena took care of Ann until she passed away……at home… April 2014.

This experience prompted Tom to start his live-in homecare business to give other families this possibility of affordable live-in homecare for their elderly relatives….and ALHomecare was born. More than 500 elderly people and their families have benefitted from Tom’s service in the past 7 years….a fact that he is very proud of.

The carer sleeps in up to seven nights per week and works five to six days per week, seven to eight hours per day. She does house-keeping, prepares meals, keeps company and provides personal care, if required. Carers who just provide night time care are also available.

To find out more about this affordable alternative to a nursing home or private visiting care service, visit You can also phone ALHomecare at 087 744 0729 or 087 991 6791

And if you are interested in working as a live-in carer, email [email protected]


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