Canney demands more county charging points for electric cars

More fairness and balance across the regions needed when installing charging points, says TD

With only 30 standard charging points, seven fast charging points, and two high powered charge points for electric cars, is “very low” for the second largest county in Ireland.

This is the view of Independent Galway East TD, Seán Canney, who accused the Government of “not instilling confidence in people to buy electric vehicles” with the lack of charging points around County Galway.

“The Government is looking to the electric car as a solution to CO2 emissions,” he said, “but if we do not get our act together and install the necessary infrastructure, we will not convince people to change to electric vehicles.”

Regional balance needed

Dep Canney called for the Climate Action Fund to be used to address this issue, and said that installations must be “fair to all the regions”.

“Dublin County has in excess of five times the number of standard charging points than County Galway,” he said. “This is not right; it is not fair and smacks of discrimination against the regions once again.”


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