'Shopping locally is important' - David Walsh

David Walsh of Lapteck Computers, Eyre Street Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

David Walsh of Lapteck Computers, Eyre Street Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

"Shopping locally is important as it keeps the money in the local economy. These are the people who spend money in the local shops, buy jerseys, and sponsor local competitions. While online shopping is easy, we have to think of the bigger picture."

The words of David Walsh, owner of Lapteck Computers, have probably never rung more true than this year when most of our local businesses closed their doors in order to aid the national effort in preventing the spread of Covid-19. But when Galwegians can return the favour this Christmas by shopping and supporting their local shops just like Lapteck Computers this Christmas.

The business located in Eyre Street, just off Woodquay, was set up by Walsh who was in the search for a store which supplied second user laptop. He reveals; "I needed a laptop to do presentations for a company I was working for almost 18 years ago. Laptops at the time started at €2500 and I only needed something simple.

"I came across a company in the UK selling second user laptops which met my needs. As there was no one doing this in Galway at the time, I decided to give it a go."

Location, ease of access, and parking have always been huge attractions for many people to do their shopping in Woodquay over the years, and they were key factors in Walsh's decision to set his business on Eyre Street.

"Eyre Street was chosen as we wanted someplace close to the college, yet in town and Eyre Street fitted the bill. There's parking in Woodquay and we are often give a couple of minutes leeway for customers to park and drop off desktops, etc. We feel customers should come to us because we have a high quality product with exceptional customer service. We know we are the best value and our prices are the best in town."

Lockdown has been tough admits Walsh but says Lapteck Computers has managed to remain busy with the growth in numbers of people working from home and says he and colleague Martin Place is looking forward to Christmas.

He says; "I'm not sure if there have been many positives from lockdown but we have been busy. While we have little or no students currently, we do have a huge amount of people working from home and they need laptops, screens, etc. Second level students are also using laptops now more than ever. We've had steady growth over the years as well, which helps.

"I am looking forward to Christmas - I have four youngsters and Martin has a busy one-year-old. Movies, board games, and cards will be back in vogue this year. Like many, there's been no holiday of any sort this year and a week's rest is something we are really looking forward to."


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