Council begin installing lighting along South Park and Blackrock

New lighting, due to be competed in January 2021, will 'extend the hours' people can use the Promenade

Work began this week on providing low-level, interactive, smart lighting, along the walkways at South Park in the Claddagh, and alongside the golf course, just off Blackrock, Salthill.

The proposed lighting will consist of environmentally-sensitive 1.5m high lighting bollards, and will link into the planned upgrade of the existing decorative lanterns along the Salthill Promenade. The upgrades will also consist of fully smart interactive lights, and will reduce energy usage by 60 per cent.

Golf Course Walk Blackrock.

The works are funded through the July 2020 Stimulus – Active Measures Programme, through the National Transport Authority, and are due for completion at the end of January 2021.

"The Claddagh-Salthill public lighting project will extend the hours people can use the Promenade for fresh air and exercise," said engineer Uinsinn Finn, "which is particularly salient in current times."


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