Galway Chamber to 'take over the reins' of Galway City Business Association

Chamber pledges to 'build on the notable and impactful success' of the GCBA

Galway City Business Association is in the process of winding-down and ceasing activities, with its membership being passed over to Galway Chamber.

The decision was approved at the GCBA's final AGM which took place on Tuesday November 10. “Galway City Business Association has partnered with Galway Chamber many times down through the years, working together in the interests of businesses in Galway," said GCBA board chair, Cormac McGuckian.

"As we hand over the reins of the GCBA to the trusted hands of Galway Chamber, we very much look forward to working with them in the future to continue with our mission.”

Continuing the mission

The mission of the GCBA has been to increase footfall in Galway by promoting the city as a relaxing, safe, friendly and vibrant place to visit and do business, to improve access, and to ensure a wide variety of choice. During its existence it has introduced the Shopping and Dining Guide, the Dine in Galway campaign, the Light Up Galway initiative, and the Galway Free Wi-Fi scheme, to name but a

Galway Chamber president, JP Gilmartin, said the chamber was "looking forward to working with our new members" from the GCBA and that this will "strengthen our representation in the city centre", and that Galway Chamber will "work diligently to build on the notable and impactful success of the GCBA over many years".


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