SockerClub is changing the image of socks for Christmas

Inspired by a love of football and design, SockerClub was born to combine the iconic patterns of classic football jerseys and transfer them to make quality, bright and bold socks.

Marrying the rise of the vintage football shirt market and the fashionable trend for vibrant socks, SockerClub taps into the nostalgia of years past and the emotion that football fans feel for their club and country and weave this passion into luxurious socks.

SockerClub was launched in November 2019. The first season of designs included classics from Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, and the iconic Ireland 1990 Italia '90 pattern.

With this great success, orders have been shipped all over the world and football stars of yesteryear such as Paul McGrath, David O'Leary, and Niall Quinn have been donning the socks with pride and promoting the products across their social media channels. But rather than suffering from football's dreaded second season syndrome, SockerClub will be even bigger and better in Season 2 with the launch of 10 new designs in mid-November; just in time for Christmas. Teams that will feature will include; Celtic; Leeds United; Aston Villa; Newcastle United; as well as a range of iconic international jerseys.

From families on their way to matches, CEOs in boardroom meetings, and grooms at weddings, all are able to show their team colours on the socks they choose to wear. They are an ideal stocking filler for Christmas and finally, socks that any football fan would be happy to receive.

The socks can be purchased via the online store of and you can follow it on social media on Twitter at @sockerclub and Instagram @Thesockerclub.


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