Dining in is the new dining out

The lockdown means that we can no longer enjoy dining at our favourite restaurants, or indeed discovering new favourites, but that does not mean we have to forego the pleasure and convenience of a professionally prepared meal.

Many of Galway's restaurants continue to provide a call and collect takeaway service, which allows customers to enjoy a delicious meal in their own homes while adhering to social distancing rules. Several others have joined in this growing trend, and many also offer a delivery service for maximum convenience. So while we may not be able to dine out in a restaurant for another while, we can still enjoy the simple luxury of a restaurant meal at home.

There is no better time to sit down together with those you live with, and partake in the age-old ritual of a shared meal. So many of our most important events - weddings, family celebrations, Christmas, and even funerals, under normal circumstances - involve a meal, and for good reason.

Eating is about much more than satisfying a basic physical need - taking a meal together is an important part of our social experience. Humans are, after all, social animals, and with so few opportunities to enjoy activities together now available to us, family meals are more important than ever. Mealtimes are as much about conversation and connection as about food; when we eat together, we reinforce our bonds, our shared sense of family and community.

So take the time to check out what options are available from Galway's renowned restaurants at the moment, and enjoy a special meal at home.


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