Galway could succumb to Limerick type criminality, warns Walsh

Galway will “experience the gangland drug related turf war which is plaguing Limerick” unless more community gardaí are deployed to deal with the city’s growing drugs problem now.

This is the view of Fine Gael Galway City East councillor Brian Walsh. He says more community gardaí are needed across the city to deal with Galway’s drugs problem, which he says is “growing out of control”.

Cllr Walsh says drugs are being openly traded in certain estates in the city while hard drugs are distributed “free of charge initially” in order to get young people used to the habit. He added that senior gardaí admit their efforts to contain the problem are “compromised because of a shortage of resources”.

As a result, Cllr Walsh says additional community gardaí in certain parts of the city are needed “as a matter of urgency”.

“We have an opportunity now to confront the problem,” he said. “If we fail to deal with it adequately at this stage, we will face far greater consequences from a social, health and monetary point of view within the next few years


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