Haemochromatosis screening and treatment from Galway Primary Care

Haemochromatosis is a common genetic disorder leading to the accumulation of excess iron in the body. Symptoms vary and include fatigue, joint pain, erectile dysfunction, and a darkening or bronzing of the skin. A doctor’s consultation to discuss symptoms and family history, and blood tests are the first steps in screening for haemochromatosis.

Once diagnosed, the mainstay treatment is regular blood removal, known as venesection. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to avoid serious complications such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart and liver disease.

Galway Primary Care provides both screening and treatment services for patients concerned about haemochromatosis.

• Venesection clinics operate at Galway Primary Care from Monday to Friday.

• The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

• It is advisable to be well hydrated prior to the appointment.

If you require further information about this service, contact Galway Primary Care at 091 773000.


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