‘Umbrella Eile’ — new Galway based social enterprise

‘Umbrella Eile’ is a new Galway based social enterprise which has its focus firmly on building and strengthening business within the community. Unlike traditional business models which are driven by the need to maximise profit, this initiative aims to fill a gap, by helping individual businesses and sole traders realise their maximum potential.

Earlier this year five Galway entrepreneurs came together to form a community for small business owners through providing peer to peer support, protection and providing platforms for trade. ‘Umbrella Eile’ is the brainchild of Lauren Dolan, a Galway based social entrepreneur, who has a background in Community Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic however, ‘it seemed essential to adapt and pivot our business plan from the original goal which was to set up physical markets throughout the city and county of Galway. We realised that the best way to shop local is to create one sustainable online market’ said Ms Dolan.

“The ethos of ‘Umbrella Eile is based on the triple bottom line in business, ‘People Planet Prosperity’ a business model which revolves around creating social wealth in communities.

With the focus worldwide now on the community, and staying at home to save lives, there remains an urgent need to provide ways to enable businesses to survive.

The directors at ‘Umbrella Eile’ collaborated and set up an online platform for trade called the ‘Island Market’ highlighting the island of Ireland, but currently open to Galway business and customers alike.

The group who are all volunteering their time, skills and expertise to set up the initiative, welcome members of the public to come on board and join ‘The Island’ markets new business community. ‘If any financial or IT specialists find themselves with time on their hands at the moment and would like to get in touch, we would love to hear from them’ added Lauren.

For further information about the ‘Island Market’, email [email protected] or log on to www.islandmarket.ie Or you can go to www.umbrellaeile.ie, facebook.com/umbrellaeile, LinkedIn Umbrella Eile, @umbrella_eile on Instagram or telephone Lauren on 087 654 4399.


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