Lockdown views: Ken Glennon

Galway city

"Being able to daydream about and plan trips are something I’m looking forward to doing after the lockdown. I was supposed to be in London last week visiting my sister and going to see two shows with her in the West End. A friend and I were considering a visit to Naples and Palermo earlier this year and thought May would be an ideal time to visit. Looking forward to mini adventures abroad with friends and family.

"The value of friends and family in close proximity is something I’ve been reminded of during the lockdown. I spent the two months before the lockdown living alone but had two good friends move in just before Saint Patricks Day. I know people who are living more solitary lives who can’t visit friends or are missing family birthdays or had weddings postponed. My sister lives in London but is currently with our brother in Wicklow while all this is happening. I’m very grateful she’s with family too.

"People are important, industries and shops that make and sell junk we don’t need, are not. I haven’t necessarily learned that during this crisis but I’m reminded more and more of it in these extraordinary times."


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