Farrell 'concerned' by lack of oversight over non-compliant business activity during lockdown

Current guidelines which include 'self assessment' are 'wholly inadequate', says TD

The lack of oversight on non-compliant business activity during the coronavirus lockdown is "very concerning", and the current guidelines are "wholly inadequate".

This is the view of Sinn Féin Galway West TD Mairéad Farrell, who said the lack of oversight to ensure workers are protected needs "urgent attention".

According to Dep Farrell, a number of non-essential businesses are still operating under the guise of being an essential services, while in other businesses there is an issue with the lack of observation of public health guidelines.

“Workers across Galway have contacted me in recent days deeply concerned about their work places remaining open during this pandemic," she said. "Unfortunately, workers have no place to turn to raise their concerns that they are being put in danger."

SF contacted the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation regarding this and were informed that the official guidance is that the judgement of whether a business is providing an essential service or not is a matter to be self-assessed, and if there are any doubts companies should contact the local gardaí who may be able to advise.

“This is wholly inadequate and is a very concerning situation," said Dep Farrell. "There needs to be a process whereby workers have a genuine ability to report their concerns, have them assessed and decisions enforced if necessary."


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