Lockdown abroad - Paddy Breslin

Sydney, Australia

Paddy Breslin - Sydney, Australia

"As I am writing this evening we are listening to the latest address from the Australian PM, Scott Morrison. He has just announced stricter social distancing measures and a lockdown similar to Ireland. The messaging from the government has been less than clear, with the state government and the federal government giving different advice. As of last week schools in Victoria were closed while those in New South Wales are to remain open. Some of the states have even closed their borders.

"The news cycle is dominated by the economic impact along with the suspension of all major sporting codes. Australians haven't seen a recession in 30 years and the fallout from rapid job losses is being felt everywhere. Thankfully we are both well and working. We are as secure as we can be. This week I started a new role and it was an eerie first day in an almost empty office. I’ve yet to meet my teammates in person as we are all now working from home for the foreseeable future.

"Big hello to everyone in the Advertiser and all our friends in Galway. We are thinking of you all, stay well, and stay positive."

Paddy Breslin previously worked as our production manager and with his wife Bernadette, he emigrated to Sydney in December 2019.


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