Galway Volunteer Centre appeals for volunteers to support Covid-19 community response

Galway Volunteer Centre is continuing to provide supports to the community during the Covid-19 crisis. The service is requesting that anyone interested in volunteering register online at

The service is currently working with community organisations to create volunteering roles and will be advertising these on the website, and applications will be open to members of the public who register.

In the last week more than 500 volunteers have signed up with Galway Volunteer Centre to offer their assistance.

"At the moment groups are figuring out what help they need and we are advising on how to involve safely, to avoid any further transmission of the Coronavirus," said Donncha Foley, manager of Galway Volunteer Centre. "Now, more than ever, we strongly encourage people to volunteer through existing organisations that have experience in volunteer management. For the moment, Galway Volunteer Centre is advising everyone that the best way to volunteer is to follow and guidelines and directions issued by the State.

"We are focused on ensuring the vulnerable are supported in the coming weeks, and are willing to provide assistance and advice to any organisations that are focused on helping these people," Mr Foley added.

The centre is also advising volunteers on how they can stay safe while volunteering during the crisis.

Organisations who need support or people to volunteer can email [email protected] for more information. The service is completely free.


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