3 Signs of a Poor Serviced Apartment Provider

Serviced apartments have been receiving a lot of attention lately, often being advertised as a better option than hotel rooms. While it’s true that serviced apartments are indeed a better fit for the kind of guests they are meant to serve, this is not a default standard.

The truth is, be it a hotel room, a shared hostel room or a furnished apartment, there will always be different standards. So, before you make the mistake of booking a poor serviced apartment that ends up misrepresenting the whole concept, here are three warning signs of poor serviced apartment providers to watch out for.

Dubious List of Services

As the term “serviced” is within the very definition and name of serviced apartments, the last thing anyone would want would be to find out that the providers did not take the service part very seriously! It’s not uncommon, and unless the apartment provider clearly mentions the services they provide, not just in the ads, but also in the agreement, look elsewhere.

As far as the expected services are concerned, it differs depending on the provider, but the following are generally the least you should expect.




Kitchen restocking

Good serviced apartment providers usually have a concierge service as well, to arrange everything for their guests, including arrangements for nearby tours.

No Special Rates for Long Term Guests

Serviced apartments are usually quite flexible in their tenure agreements, which is part of what makes them a better option for long term guests. Dream Apartments, for example, owns and rents out multiple serviced apartments in Liverpool, Belfast, Newcastle, and Dubai. Typically, serviced apartments are apartments that you can rent for as long as you need to, and depending on how long the guests decide to stay, they also have special rates and discounts for such long term tenants.

However, if the serviced apartment provider refuses to offer a special rate to potential long-term guests, it’s not the kind of place that would be financially ideal for renting. You can in all likelihood find better and more logical options easily.

Check their Reputation or the Lack of It

We live in a time when online reviews from previous tenants can be found with a simple Google search, so before finalising anything, search a bit through user reviews and professional opinions to know what kind of a reputation your serviced apartment provider has. The absence of any reviews or just a few anonymous 5 stars are also warning signs!

Serviced apartments are ideal for corporate housing, relocating families, and even individuals who value their privacy and excellent service. The apartments are essentially homes without the chores, especially for people who plan to stay in them indefinitely. Just be sure to stick with reputed names in the business and steer clear of anything that feels dubious or doesn’t match up to the set expectations. A bit of caution and foresight is always better when you are in a new city, especially when it comes to choosing accommodations.


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