McDonnell ‘appalled’ by illegal dumping in Mervue

Independent councillor Declan McDonnell has condemned those who are involved in the illegal dumping which has become a threat to health, safety, the enjoyment, and sport in the Mervue area.

Recently a number of trucks have stopped outside a wall dividing the Gleninia estate in Mervue with a remote piece of ground, obscured by trees at the end of the Galwegians Rugby Football Club grounds.

When the club discovered the waste it contacted the Galway City Council. Council and club officials and Cllr McDonnell were shocked to see the waste which runs the length and height of the 70 foot long wall.

“I’m appalled. It’s the worst I have ever seen,” said Cllr McDonnell. “There are beds, fridges, food, everything. Those who dump illegally are endangering public health and safety and I am calling on the council to take measures against those found dumping in the area.”


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