Why invest in new tyres?

People all love a bargain, but what could that bargain cost?

According to Kevin Burke Tyres, safety is king, so when buying second hand tyres the key is the tread depth. Legally, it must be 1.6mm. Bald tyres will not react as they should in an emergency braking or steering situation.

When considering buying second-hand tyres, that is the first thing you check. There are many ways to check tyre depth - the easiest being a tread depth gauge or to use the pop out card found on the RSA site. Either option will measure the tread depth is above 1.6mm, but it should be well above it be worth buying the tyre.

Ensure the tread wear indicator block is not at the same level or lower than the tyre tread, before checking to see whether the tyres have E-markings. The tyres will need to have these to pass the NCT. Ask the seller whether he/she did a condition check while the tyre was inflated to rule out any tears, bulges or lumps and bumps. If the tyre has any of this, steer clear.

It is up to the buyer to ensure the tyres are the correct size, design, load and speed rating for the vehicle. Once checked, look at the serial number on the side of the tyre - the last two digits tell how old the tyres. Avoid any tyre older than six years. Older tyres could have a number of things wrong with them, for example, cracks and misshape. Remember just because they look fine, does not mean they are.

Ask the seller whether the have x-rayed the tyre to check for any internal damage to the rubber. Ask for documentation to prove this.

After all those checks, remember the tread depth. A new tyre worth €80 with 8mm of tread depth will have 6.4mm usable tread before needing to buy another.

How much driving could the second hand one do? Drivers could end up buying three times the amount of second hand tyres for no reason.

There is greater comfort that comes with buying new and drivers will benefit from getting the best advice when buying them.

Stop by any of the three Kevin Burke Tyres in locations across Galway - Galway cty, Athenry and Gort - today or call 091 845329 and get the best advice about the right tyres.

Remember tyres are all that are between you and the road.. safety is king.


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