Drive to arrive

At this time of year it is important drivers take extra safety precautions to avoid accidents. Kevin Burke Tyres has provided some useful tips to help drivers take some of the stress out of Christmas driving and shopping this year.

Christmas is a time when people take more car journeys than at other times of the year. Before setting out on any journey give the car a Christmas check up.

Check tyres for wear and tear and air pressure, check oil and water levels and that the battery is fully charged and leads clean, also check that windscreen wipers are not worn and the handbrake and brakes are operating properly. The last thing anyone wants is to be stranded over the Christmas period.

Try to plan ahead to allow plenty of time to get in and out of major towns and cities. Listen to the traffic reports on the radio in the local area. Leave as early as you can in the morning, it is always best to try to beat the crowds.

Try to park the car in a secure car park, or in an area that is well lit up and the car is locked.

Never leave Christmas purchases visible in the car and do not cover them with a blanket or coat. To leave anything in the car, use the boot, and if the car is fitted with an alarm, make sure it is switched on when leaving the parking area.

Do not leave car keys lying around, on the table or in a jacket or coat if hanging it up.

Remember it is the law that all passengers are wearing their seat belts including any passengers in the rear seat.

Never leave the engine running or keys in the ignition when the car is unattended even if only for a few seconds.

Most important of all, never drink and drive, drive within the speed limit at a speed suitable to the road conditions, and always wear a seatbelt.

For a free tyre check, contact Kevin Burke Tyres, Galway 091 769636; Gort 091 632800 and Athenry 091 845329


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