Unique online talent pool brings employers and employees together

Nigel Murray and Tom Hayes — the founders of TalentTank.

Nigel Murray and Tom Hayes — the founders of TalentTank.

TWO businessmen have come up with the creation of an online talent pool that will bring employers and potential employees together in these recessionary times.

According to Galway businessman Tom Hayes who is heading up the initiative with fellow Galwegian Nigel Murray, the www.talenttank.ie concept is simple and allows skilled individuals (who are looking for work ) to offer their experience to an employer for free. The individual gets the opportunity to network with potential employers and the employers benefit from the individuals skill and experience without incurring the labour costs.

This initiative will allow the employers to become more competitive and begin to set the foundation for growth. As the employers business grows, so to will the need for new employees.

Since the beginning of 2009, unemployment has been rising at a level of over 1,000 people a day. Skilled and talented individuals are losing their jobs at a rate unimaginable and are finding it increasingly difficult to get back in the workplace. Estimates put the unemployed at 500,000 by the end of 2009.

“Regardless of experience, even qualified individuals are finding it hard to get an interview, never mind a trial or opportunity to showcase what they can do. Although there are some positions available, employers continue to concentrate on keeping costs down, in an effort to maintain financial stability. They do need staff but just can’t afford them! This means fewer jobs are being created and the talent tank is growing,” said Mr Hayes.

“People are witnessing the frustration and desperation people are feeling. Not being given the opportunity to present employers their credentials and showcase their skills. Yes, CVs are sent. Yes, the individual receives the occasional interview but time after time nothing evolves. Individuals are waiting at home for that important phone call of a job offer,” he added.

Skilled talented, individuals just want an opportunity to show what they can do, they know the job, have done it for years and done it well. Some are even prepared to offer their talents and skills a few hours/days for free, if it means getting a foot in the door, keeping professionally active and possibly, just possibly a prospect of a fulltime position.

Talented individuals register with TalentTank.ie to offer their talents and skills for free, for a couple of hours or days a week for a specified period, so as to demonstrate their skill sets. employers in turn register with TalentTank.ie to avail of this free pool of resources in turn driving productivity without any additional cost over-head.

Thereafter, having demonstrated their net worth to their employer colleagues, individuals then have the opportunity to onward and directly network with potential employers, in effect bypassing costly recruitment agencies and enabling a quicker and more cost effective route to employment for both parties.

This initiative will allow employers become more competitive in terms of reducing labour costs and driving skills-base, which if adopted cross sectors and industries, will contribute significantly towards establishing a foundation for recovery. And of course, as an employer’s business grows, so to will the need for new employees.


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