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We are all feeling the pinch at the moment, and with the current economic uncertainty now is an opportune time to meet with your financial advisor.

“We are becoming more prudent with our finances and are definitely making the economic decision to save more and spend less. We can even control the amount of tax you pay through careful planning,” according to Rory Nelson from Future, the largest pension, investment, and mortgage advisory in the west.

“At Future we can source the best rates and value for you, be it pension, mortgage, life cover, income protection, redundancy cover, investments, home insurance, car insurance — any wealth and protection need you have. We can do this because we deal with many financial and insurance providers, and when quoting we can search the market for best premium and also make sure that the cover you are getting is the one that suits you best,” said Deirdre Costello of Future. “Importantly we are not tied to any provider so it makes it easier for us to look after your needs and make sure that you get the solution that best suits your need.”

“The demand for our advice has never been greater,” Mr Nelson added. “We are open, professional, very knowledgeable, and independent. We are in touch because our market is so diverse — teachers, nurses, gardaí, company directors, doctors, dentists, builders, civil servants, shop owners and assistants, office and factory workers — any profession, we will look after you.

“We are able to advise on all areas of your financial expenditure, we even have a huge car and home insurance division. Helping you save, protect against life’s ups and downs, and mitigate tax is what we do best.”

Last week’s Budget has probably generated the most interest of any budget ever delivered in the Republic. The annual or biannual review — this year — shows us that things do change, and when they do adjustments need to be made.

So we all need to review our money situation — spending versus saving. So has there ever been a better time to meet your financial advisor?

A meeting could potentially unearth savings that could mean that you have more money to go towards a holiday this year.

According Deirdre Costello and Rory Nelson of Future, these are the top five questions currently being asked:

Q. I am retiring this year and my pension fund has fallen in value. What should I do?

Q. I have money in the bank. Can I earn more interest?

Q. I am on a fixed mortgage; can I switch? I am on a variable rate; could I do better with a different lender? Is the reduction in rates being passed on to me?

Q. I have bought lots of different policies over the years and don't know what I have.

Q. Can I protect against redundancy?

If you need the answers to any of these questions, give Deirdre or Rory a call on (091 ) 549000, e-mail [email protected] and [email protected]

Future offices are located at Number 5, Merchants Road, Galway, and the company is online at www.future.ie



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