Budgeting and saving - top 2009 financial resolutions, says AIB research

The top financial resolutions for 2009 are budgeting money better and saving regularly for a rainy day, according to research conducted for AIB by RED C.

The research helped to launch AIB’s Financial Healthcheck at the start of this year. The online questionnaire has attracted a huge response, with nearly 30,000 people completing it and receiving a report on their finances. Almost 1,000 people have requested a meeting with an AIB Financial Adviser in response to the information contained in their report.

The research found that the top financial resolutions for 2009 are: Budgeting my money better (19 per cent ), saving regularly for a rainy day (19 per cent ), saving up for a large purchase (eight per cent ), earning or making more money (eight per cent ), reducing the size of debt (seven per cent ), reducing monthly expenditure (five per cent ), and to carry on as normal (four per cent ).

AIB’s online questionnaire allows users to get an overview of their financial situation. This online form poses a series of questions around everyday financial needs. The whole process takes less than five minutes to complete and on completion a report can be printed which shows areas that need to be looked at – whether it is savings, budgeting, or reducing debt, and there is no obligation to purchase any product after taking the health check.

Even without the economic downturn most people could benefit from a financial health check. Your financial and social position can change quickly these days and putting some time aside to focus on personal finance can highlight areas where savings can be made. It’s easy to lose track of where your money goes, so it’s important to regularly look at your finances to see where you could save money.

Pat Heelan, AIB Regional Director, Galway, said: “We recognise that the current economic environment has left many people feeling more concerned about their financial needs and they are looking for advice on how to organise themselves financially. With our 280 outlets nationwide and expert financial advisers we have a wealth of experience in helping people manage their money. Our Financial Healthcheck online gives everyone the opportunity to get an overview of their financial situation.”

AIB’s Financial Healthcheck is available on www.aib.ie/ financialhealthcheck


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