Petmania Galway launches new grooming menu to pamper pooches

Aromatherapy baths, a 100% organic treatment, and sparkling white teeth cleaning are just some of the brand new treatments available from Petmania’s updated grooming menu.

The grooming menu has been carefully created by the Irish pet retailer’s grooming experts to cater for dogs of all breeds, coat types and personalities. New services include a range of 100 per cent natural treatments, giving dog owners more choice for managing concerns like sensitive skin, allergies, aching muscles or excessive shedding.

The Deep Cleansing Blueberry Facial, Nail Polish application and Top Knot with a bow are individual treatments that can be added to grooming.

Petmania’s Grooming Studio Treatment Menu Additions:

Aromatherapy bath and styling, dog owners can chose from three signature blends made from 100% plant based ingredients including neem oil, aloe vera and sea kelp.

100% Organic bath and styling using products free from dyes, parabens and chemicals. This completely organic treatment is also vegan friendly.

De-shedding therapy bath and styling using a special massage technique to clear blocked hair follicles.

Muscle & Joint therapy bath and styling, a treatment infused with peppermint and menthol. It’s perfect for sporty dogs, or those with post-op or mobility related issues.

Skin Soothing therapy bath and styling, especially for dogs with sensitive skin, or those that suffer from hot spots, blemishes or irritations.

Innovative Ultrasonic Oral Care & Teeth Cleaning which combats and helps to prevent issues like gingivitis, periodontitis, oral cavity disease, plaque and tartar and doggie breath!

Puppy love focused treatments including Puppy’s First Visit to introduce the new sights, sounds and scents of the grooming studio.

Petmania recognise the need for convenient dog care and have created a range of annual subscription offers to ensure dogs are clean, healthy and looking good all year round. Aiming to take the pain out of dog washing at home, they have introduced a new wash and dry option especially for shorter haired breeds.

Although dog grooming makes dogs look even more beautiful, it is also essential to prevent issues such as knots and matting, skin problems, eye and ear infections, overgrown nails or related paw injuries along with gum and dental problems.

Petmania recommend regular dog grooming for all breeds and coat types for good health. Their professional dog grooming services include checking dog’s skin for irritation, infection and parasites along with washing, brushing, assisting the dog to shed his coat, cleaning eyes and ears, a nail trim and can identify symptoms of allergies, infections or dietary requirements. Some packages also include parasite controls and prevention.

Petmania’s fully qualified dog groomers are available to assist dog owners in ensuring the on-going health and wellbeing of their dogs.

For more information on suitable treatments and grooming packages contact an expert Petmania groomer in Petmania Galway, located in Wellpark Retail Park, Dublin Road, Galway City.

Dog owners can now manage bookings online with Petmania’s ‘My Pet Manager’ system. Simply log onto


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