GAA has created a game of protein-guzzling gym bunnies with arms the size of bullock’s necks

Dear Editor,

The rapid decline of our beloved GAA is unfolding right before our eyes as it descends into the depravity of professionalism.

Having watched, or partially watched the Dublin football machine destroy Mayo over the weekend it is obvious that amateurism in the Gaa is dead.

Huge payments to managers and coaches which means that players are also receiving payments.. Probably. Despite Marty and other pundits reminding us that these are amateurs and the huge sacrifices they make it is more and more obvious that the top intercounty teams are on a par with their paid counterparts.

The Dublin team look physically robot-like and look like they could run and twist and turn for hours. They don’t look like they’re worried about turning up for work the following morning.

Most of the team are described in the programme as students but they are the wealthiest looking bunch of students I’ve ever seen. Psychology coaches, forwards, backs, and goalie coaches, proteins and gym sessions are the obvious changes.

However on a separate note, it appears that the GAA and GPA are not too happy with the roll out of random drug testing.

As a hurling and football traditionalist I personally am becoming turned off by professionalism in my sport. I don’t watch as many games as I used to and like was the case with Lance in the Tour de France I don’t believe what I am seeing on the field of play.

And I’m not the only one, the following semi final between Kerry and Tyrone was close to 50,000 short of capacity. It is a win at all costs mentality and it would be interesting to see the amount of money that’s actually going into the amateur game, not to mind the pockets of the players and staff.

The GAA have created an obvious monster in Dublin but that’s only the iceberg tip. Do we want an honest to God amateur-based game and really believe the energy and effort we see on the pitch or do we want to see a bunch of protein guzzling gym bunnies with arms the size of bullock’s necks running around the place like souped up Tour de France riders.

It appears that the pundits and fans with typewriters aren’t asking the hard questions. It’s time for the ordinary supporters to say no to professionalism in the GAA and take back the real game.

GAA abu


Michael Moylan



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